We have been out there.

Next Station is led by a group of globe-trotters and entrepreneurs that have been in your shoes.

We have worked and built international teams across multiple countries. We decided to use our learnings as job-seekers and recruiters to simplify international recruitment. How? Making easier for candidates to meet the right companies - wherever they are.


After years of hustling to get jobs abroad and spending
endless hours trying to find candidates that wanted to relocate,
we knew it was time to simplify international recruitment.

We put together an exceptional team and built a
smart platform that brings the right opportunity for every
candidate, no matter where they want to go.

Our mission is to foster human connectivity
empowering people in their search of meaning.

The Team

Blanca Montero, Co-founder
Head of Product and Sales
"One day I decided to move abroad and that person never came back. At the beginning I missed home a lot. After a while, I realized I was able to travel without taking a plane!"

Favorite place on earth: Yukon, Canada.
Nicolas Paulus, Co-founder
Head of Technology and Web marketing
"I started my career as a pro-gamer, built my first company at 23 and grew it up to 60 people. If people want to work abroad and explore different roads in life… I think they can start packing!"

Favorite place on earth: Where you are not supposed to be
Denis Fayolle, Co-founder
"Building a Global Company is like a road trip to paradise: wonderful destination but hard time, especially when you want to recruit a native person from a country where you don't even speak the language and you want him located in your home country."

Favorite place on earth: The eye of the hurricane.


Commitment x

We are committed to empowering people in their search of meaning. To move abroad and grow. To find a new place to belong.

Go beyond x

We explore all routes. We never settle. We prioritize the work that helps us achieve our mission.

Enjoy x

We seek fun. We think big and celebrate life wherever we are.

Together, we go beyond, enjoy. Repeat.

Ready to go abroad?