Living and Working in Spain

When thinking about living and working in Spain, two things most people immediately have in mind are the sun and the beach… You too, right? You probably instantly started to sing “vamos a la playa” in your head. Maybe you will find yourself checking Spanish job portals and blog articles about the best or cheapest place to live in Spain soon. Why not! This southern country is not only great to go on holidays but also to work in. It doesn’t matter whether you want to live in Spain for a year or ten, the experience will be great! Here are the reasons, why working in Spain is a good idea.

Living in Spain

Why You Should Work in Spain!

Hundreds of people dream about living in southern countries mostly because of the good weather. But there are so many other reasons to live in Spain. The quality of life and the Spanish lifestyle are only two of them. Both are not only due to the sun and the sea surrounding the whole country, but also a well-structured healthcare system, that is one of the best in the world. Once you’ll be working in Spain you will be able to profit from it.

Apart from this, Spain belongs to the more affordable countries in Western Europe. But how much does a month in Spain cost? Of course, the cost of living varies from region to region… or even city. Still, it tends to be lower than in other European countries. Do you live in France? In this case, Spain will probably be cheaper or at least the same.

Another point that expats living in Spain appreciate about the country are the friendly locals. Nevertheless, to speak to them you’ll have to learn their language. Of course, if you were looking for expat jobs in Spain and moved there for a German speaking one, at work you’ll most likely be okay speaking English. Still, in your free time it might be hard to find English-speaking locals, so better learn some basic Spanish before moving abroad.

Interesting fact: Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world!

Working in Spain

What working for a day in Spain is like

How long has it been now that you were wondering how working in Spain is like? Maybe you already decided to move to this sunny country to work there for the summer and see whether becoming an expat in Spain would be the right decision for you.

Working in Spain can be very different in comparison to other countries. Although Spanish business culture is still rooted in hierarchy, working days are typically Monday to Friday and working hours are fixed to 40 hours per week. Still, the Spanish start working around 9 am and finish around 8 pm. How can this be?

It’s simple. When you decide to live and work in Spain, your lunch break will last around three hours. Crazy, isn’t it?! All around the world this is known as the famous siesta. Several years ago, the whole country was shutting down at that time, but today this is no longer common.

Even though the Spanish job market is tough, some industries and sectors are desperately looking for qualified workers. The most needed jobs, and common jobs for expats in Spain, are in engineering, IT, healthcare, and hospitality industries.

Did you know? – 40% of all businesses in Spain are set up by female entrepreneurs.

The salary varies between industries, but the average annual gross salary is around 23,000 Euros – divided by 14 months! So, the monthly salary is around 1,640 Euros. The dress code in Spanish companies is similar to other European countries, meaning that both, men and women, should wear conservative clothes in dark colors when in a formal business setting.

In the end it doesn’t matter whether you work for a British company or a Spanish one. The only thing is that working in Spain without speaking Spanish can be a challenge in the beginning, so getting started in an English-speaking environment will make your life easier. But let’s be honest… If living and working in Spain is your dream, you already speak the language, right? Or at least learning it will not be a problem for you.

All right, it’s time to get started! Are you ready to move to Spain? Already working in Spain for a year will change your life. If you can’t take a decision yet, check out our advice on how to find a job abroad or read more about working in Spanish cities like Barcelona. And if you are a hundred percent sure that you want to go abroad, sign up on the Next Station platform and we will find you a fitting job.

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