Living and working in Berlin


3 575 M


25 %

Happiness ranking


Sunny days


Private room

452 €


8,00 €


2 128 €

Subway / month

81 €

“Arm, aber sexy” – Poor but sexy. This is how Berliners like to define the bohemian soul of this metropolis, a land of artists, writers, and musicians who came from all over Europe to settle here. Did you know? Berlin is known as the capital of openness and tolerance, where everyone can find their place. But not just that. Berlin is also a business capital: its flexible working environment, resources, and capital attract investors. Working in Berlin means settling in a city that is attractive to young people and start-ups, especially in the fields of engineering and telecommunications.

Living in Berlin

Moving to Berlin means integrating into a society rich in diverse ethno-cultures and lifestyles, which make it an open and unprejudiced society: in Berlin, there are many original and unconventional people! In both private and professional life, Germans are very respectful, perfectionists and committed to the rules of polite society: to integrate better, you will have to learn, for example, to recycle your waste, never to cross the street with a red light, or to use titles and names correctly when you address someone. Don't worry: the Germans are reserved and distant only in the first few moments. You'll get used to it soon!

In Berlin people speak very good English – it will help you in your everyday life, while you are mastering German! When it comes to food, people eat rich and generous portions, especially meat dishes, sausages, and potatoes. A guilty pleasure? Currywurst, a grilled sausage served in slices with a sauce made from ketchup and curry. As for mobility, you will have the choice between a highly developed public transport network and bike rental, the most loved transport in Berlin. The good news? The cost of living is low: 25€ for the monthly gym membership, 15€ for the phone package and 350€ for the rent of a room in a shared flat. If you are a fan of culture and street art, urban art awaits you on the walls of the capital with many visits and routes!

Working in Berlin

According to the expats, finding a job in Berlin is not very difficult: there are plenty of jobs in the numerous start-ups and in the sectors of technology, network engineering and the pharmaceutical, chemical, and automotive industries – not to mention that Germany has the lowest unemployment rate in Europe. If studies show that salaries are on average 20% lower than in the rest of Germany, don't worry – they are proportional to the cost of living, and it depends on the sector: an IT specialist can earn up to 50k/year – well above the average in Germany.

The workweek is set at 38/40 hours, with days starting early, around 9 am. On Fridays, Berliners like to get out of work earlier, in the early afternoon: this is what they call "Feierabend", the evening celebration – the beginning of the weekend is experienced as a time of freedom and conviviality that must be celebrated! It is not uncommon for you to find good German beers in your office kitchenette: Berliners like to share a good time with their colleagues at the end of the day.

Berlin's corporate culture is based on hierarchy, with strong and pragmatic management. The concept of time is important: Germans plan their tasks and schedules in detail and like punctuality at appointments and meetings. Also, they have a more offbeat side: no dress code to go to work!

So, are you ready to boost your career in Berlin? If you are already dreaming of working in an innovative start-up, in the heart of a city of artists with a thousand charms, where you will enjoy bike rides and ultra gourmet aperitifs, don't hesitate any longer!