Living and Working in England

England, with so much to experience in its historic buildings, cobblestone streets, and wonderfully piping hot tea, is a great destination for your next adventure abroad.

You have a lot of options when it comes to working in England. Depending on the region, there is a whole plethora of experiences to choose from, each serving the ‘quintessential’ English experience in their own ways.

Maybe you want to explore the rich diversity and city life of London? Or perhaps by the seaside in Cornwall? Or maybe you’re more interested in the rolling green hills and quaint towns of the countryside.

No matter where you choose, England has much to discover, making it a fantastic country for expats.

Here’s what you can expect as an expat in England:

Living in England

Living Costs in England

The cost of living in England definitely varies depending on your location. London, for example, is known for being on the pricier side- with rent, especially, being quite high. That being said, how much you spend majorly depends on the kind of lifestyle you choose, and you can tailor your experience to fit your budget no matter where you’re living. You can save money on accommodation by flatsharing, for example and you can save money on transportation by investing in a weekly or monthly travel card.

Daily Life and Culture

You won’t find a lack of food options! In England, you can find a range of any cuisine you crave, really. Whether it be Italian, Indian, Mexican… they’re all available and people in England seem to love having a diverse array to choose from.

If you’re looking for a good Sunday roast, some Yorkshire puddings or cornish pasties, British cuisine is obviously plentiful and you can find dozens of lively and vibrant pubs on every street corner.

Fun fact about pubs- you might notice they all have interesting names like The Queen’s Head or The White Hart. This is because all pubs are actually named after a historical event or figure!

You’ve probably heard complaints about the weather in England being gloomy and grey. To be honest, this isn’t so far from the truth- you can expect lots of rainy and cold days. However, England also has really beautiful and sunny spring and summer seasons.

If you want to make the most of your time in England, the public transportation system is super easy. Taking the train between major cities can cost you as little as £5!

There is a lot to see in England, and you’ll find yourself fascinated by all of the history to be seen in the buildings and streets surrounding you. Expect to spend your fall season huddled in cozy cafes, your winters walking down old windy streets decorated with colourful Christmas lights, and your spring/summers enjoying the local parks with friends. Picnic at Hyde Park, anyone?

Working in England

The average work week in England is 8-9 hours Monday through Friday, with part-time or flexible positions also being common. Bank holidays are a day off for the majority of companies, and all workers are entitled to paid annual leave, sick pay, maternity and paternity leave. If you are 25 or older, and are not in the first year of an apprenticeship, it is legally required that you are paid the government’s National Living Wage (NLW) of at least £8.72 per hour.

Major industries include accounting, education, marketing, healthcare, engineering, recruitment and HR. There are many internships and graduate schemes available in England, with the most popular industries being HR, marketing, finance and sales.

In general, England has many job sectors to choose from. Workplaces in the bigger cities tend to be quite diverse, so chances are you might be making some other expat friends in the office! Finding a job in England shouldn’t be difficult, with there usually being many options to choose from. As for the application process, our team is here to help!

What do you think? Can you see yourself living and working in England?

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