How to master your job interview abroad – Let's get down to business

The day has come… You’ve been waiting for it for over a week, you did your research and prepared answers to all the important interview questions they might ask you. Now you’re sitting in the bus on the way to your first job interview! Amazing! You should know that not everyone gets the opportunity to have a job interview, but you do! It’s time to shine now and show them that they made a good choice. Everything you do and say, as well as how you behave, will either let you jump to the next step or get you kicked out of the game. Are you ready? We have the interview tips you need.

Make a first good impression… or leave

Everybody knows that the first impression always matters, not only during a job interview, but also in everyday life. The difference is, that in your personal life you might get a second chance, but you will never get a second first interview.

The first judgment people – including recruiters – are making is based on how you look like and what you’re wearing. At this point it’s hard to say what is appropriate, as it always depends on the job and the company you’re applying for. You should choose an outfit that fits the company. You will most likely dress differently for an interview in a start-up than in an enterprise.

Often candidates forget, that the impression they make should be positive for the whole team. You never know who might take part in the decision whether to hire you or not! Start with a nice “Hello :)” at the reception and keep showing a positive attitude until you leave the building.

How to face the interviewer?

Only because you have a fitting resume for the job doesn’t mean that you will instantly get the job. The way you interact with the interviewer as well as how you speak and express your thoughts are just as important – for some interviewers this might be even more meaningful, leading them to ignore the fact, that you don’t have all the qualifications they want. It’s true, that you can ace an interview with your body language.

Resume advice: Always have some copies hidden in your bag. If the interviewer didn’t have time to print it, you will be prepared!

Sell yourself

Latest when you enter the meeting room the lights are on you, show them what you can! You need to convince the interviewer(s) that you’re not only the perfect fit for the job, but also for the team and the company. Especially when you’re applying for an international position abroad, it’s important to show the recruiter that you are made for working abroad and won’t leave them because you’re missing home too much.

Are you afraid to fail at this point because you’re a rather introvert person? Don’t worry! With the right preparation you will blow them away. Introverts have many qualities that are essential for most types of jobs, for example they are good team players but also capable of working autonomously.

Are you considering job opportunities where other languages than your native one are needed? The interviewer will ask you to have a conversation in this language! After a while they might tell you to switch back but try not to! Let them know that you feel comfortable speaking the language and just suggest continuing the interview like this. If the language is not required for the job and you only know the basics, give your best and show them that you are passionate about it and will improve as time goes by. They will like it!

Show interest and be honest

The best way to show that you’re well prepared as well as interested in the company and the position is to ask questions! You are wondering which questions to ask in an interview? There are so many! What couldn’t you find out during your research? Do you have any questions about living in the city, finding accommodation or even the working hours? One question will lead to another and you will have a nice discussion.

If you’re still having the talk in your foreign language and you don’t understand what the interviewer is saying, tell him! It’s always better to ask again than giving a bad answer or not saying anything because you didn’t even get that it was a question. Don’t be afraid. People working in international teams most likely will know how it feels to learn a new language and not always understanding what natives are saying.

Finally, always take notes! Never forget to bring something to write to your interview. You can even note something in advance, like the recruiter’s name, the date or the most important questions you want to ask – but not too many.

So, basically, you should do everything you’ve prepared! And if you took the preparation seriously, there’s not much that can go wrong.

After the interview

As soon as you’re back home, you should start recapitulating the interview. What went well? What could have been better? Make understandable notes that you can use for your preparation before having the next interview.

Very important: say thank you! Write a short mail to the recruiter and thank him/her for having invited you. Did you remember an important question you forgot to ask? Or an information you didn’t mention? Include it in the mail. It shows your commitment, interest and amazing follow-up skills.

Now you’re ready to ace any job interview! If you don’t get the first job, don’t be disappointed! Ask why, so you can improve for the next interview. With each interview you will get better and better and finally you will rock it and get the job of your dreams!