How to Find a Job Abroad – The Easy Way

Finding a new job abroad is an amazing feeling. You meet new people, discover different cultures and make countless new experiences. Still, many people never take the last step to move to another country. Therefore, we have sat down and created a step by step guide to make the start into your international career a little easier for you. There are only 5 steps you'll have to follow!

The only thing you have in your hands: don’t be afraid! Are you at least a little bit adventurous? Do you have a positive attitude? Can you adapt if necessary? Plus: Do you really want to find a job and work abroad? If your answer is “YES!”, you can get started! So, let's get more into detail.

Step 1: Decide Where to Go

Indeed, it seems obvious, but we know that it can be a problem. Sometimes you just have the feeling that you need to go somewhere else… but where is this place? Are you even made for moving abroad and starting an international job?

Now you might be asking yourself how to take the decision, right? Let’s start with your interests. Do you like having nice weather nearly the whole year? Maybe you should consider working in sunny Barcelona. Or maybe you always dreamt about going to Paris or Berlin one day – this could be now! Look at the average salaries in different cities and the most common industries. Where do you fit best?

Step 2: Start Connecting

Sitting at home without any motivation to look for international job opportunities is not the best way, and for sure not the easy one.

So, if you have trouble to stay focused when you’re alone just ask a friend to join you. Or maybe you know someone who already worked abroad and has some connections you could use. Just get out there and start networking, join groups for jobs in Europe online, exchange... This is the perfect way to boost your visibility and build your reputation.

A big plus of networking is, that you meet many new people and probably make some new friends before leaving your old ones. You might not know yet, but you will be thankful for this connections, as finding friends in a new country and building up a whole new life can sometimes be difficult!

Step 3: Prepare Your Resume

Depending on which country you’ll choose, the norms of recruitment as well as the ones for resumes can vary. Make sure you know what must be on your resume, how long it should be, and which is the best way to present yourself. Maybe even a video resume could be the best choice for you.

Keep in mind, that even if the standards for writing a resume or CV may vary a little bit from country to country, the basics always stay the same. Focus on the most important facts of your professional career and only give details if they can help you get the job!

If you don't want to be average but to stand out with your resume, check our tips on how to make your resume a masterpiece. Never forget: Your resume also represents your personnality, don't forget to customize it.

Step 4: Join Next Station

Why? Because it’s just so easy! Sign up on our platform and tell us what you want. As soon as we know everything we need, we will start looking for the job that fits you best. From this point you can lean back and just need to wait for companies to get in touch with you.

If you need more tips on how to relocate, how to find an apartment or even why it’s a good idea to go abroad, check out our social networks or our blog. We provide all the info you need to know. Is there anything missing? Let us know what you would like to know and we will try to include the info in our next article!

Step 5: Learn the Language

If you move abroad and start looking for work, you will probably be checking all kind of language jobs first, so you're sure that you can work in your native language. But do you also speak the langugae of your country of destination?

As we do the job search for you, you save a lot of time! Don’t waste it! Moving abroad is the perfect opportunity to start learning a new language. It’s not a secret that you can find jobs worldwide if you already have a good level of English, but to be honest: the cultural experience in a new country is so different when you speak the language! You’re not a tourist anymore and you should let people know. So, get your vocabulary list ready! Which language do you choose?

A last little advice: Don't lose hope! If you want to work internationally and you start looking for a job abroad without experience, it’s still possible to find something! You can, for example, consider the possibility to start with an internship. This can change into a job contract very quickly. Besides, it's a goop opportunity to get to know the new city and culture before moving there for several years. Don’t wait any longer and make your dream become reality!