5 Tips To Make Your Resume A Masterpiece

By making sure you follow the basic steps on how to write a resume, your resume will be a good average. You want to be better than the average? Cool! In this case, you should consider some more tips.

Focus on the company needs

Adjust your resume to the position you’re applying for

Do you have a specific job offer in mind while writing your resume? Perfect, you should! Your resume or CV will always be better when you adjust it to the position you’re applying for. Read the job description carefully and add everything that will help you get this job. Change these details in every resume you’re sending to a recruiter!

Don’t hesitate to give more detail about your most important previous jobs. Nevertheless, try to focus on the information that could be important for the job. Especially, when you were responsible for several tasks.

Mention what makes you special

Let’s start with your contributions and the results of your work. Of course, recruiters want to know what you did during your previous jobs, but they are even more interested in what you’ve achieved. Everybody can develop an online marketing strategy, but not all of them are bringing value to the company. The other things are hobbies, languages, and accomplishments you didn’t necessarily achieve at work. You think your personal life is not important? You’re right, but your personality is. The things you do during your free time can reveal a lot about your hidden talents.

Think About The International Aspect

Especially when you’re applying for a job abroad your international experience must not be missing in your resume or CV. Even if it might seem unimportant to you, for some jobs it can be useful to mention your love to travel and special destinations you’ve already visited. It always depends on the job! Also, underline the extra information or experience telling the recruiter you’re the best fit for an international job. Not everyone is able to take and master the challenge of moving abroad!

When the content is done

Make It An Easy Read

If you keep the basic points in mind and follow the advice, your resume should already be nice to read. Nevertheless, if you need some help, there’s nothing wrong about looking at resume samples or using a resume template for inspiration – but don’t take it one to one! Customize your draft so it fits your personality and the job you’re applying for. Try to read it out loud and you’ll see where you have some difficult parts that need to be changed.

Proofread Your Resume

Don’t forget to check what you’ve written, and even better: let other people read it. They will tell you whether it’s easy to read, free from mistakes and relevant for the job you want to apply for. If they think it’s boring, the recruiter probably will, too. This aspect is even more important when you want to work abroad and your resume has to be written in another language. If your language skills are not outstanding, look for a native speaker and ask him or her for help. If you perfectly master the language of your next destination, still let someone read through it. Ther is always a tiny mistake you didn’t see.

You’re ready to start now! Take a sheet of paper and start drafting. No, just kidding. Rather open your notebook like normal people in the 21st century do and look for resume examples or even a resume builder to get some ideas. Is your resume ready to be sent? Congratulations! In this case, continue reading how to write a cover letter.