5 Signs That You Are Made to Work Abroad

Why are you thinking about moving and working abroad? Maybe you are just about to finish your studies and want to jump into a new adventure. Or are you just bored by your current life? There are many reasons to take this decision, but are you really made for moving abroad and working in an international team? We have the answer! Here are 5 signs that will show you, that it’s time to pick a destination.

How do you feel about moving abroad?

Every Time You’re Visiting Another Country You Think It Would Be Cool to Live There

Is this the case? If so, maybe you should really live there! It doesn’t have to be forever, but you could start with an internship for a couple of months. This would be enough to make new experiences and to see whether your dream country should rather stay a holiday destination.

You Feel Like You Need A Change to Be Happy

Are you living your dream life? Going to the same office… doing the same things… every day… for how many years now? If this is what you want, perfect. If you rather belong to the type of people who regularly need something new in their lives, this will not lead to a feeling of satisfaction. Rearranging your furniture or going shopping will not change this. It might be time for a bigger change… and new furniture.

You’re Joining All International Groups on Social Networks

Do you spend half of your day on Facebook, looking for expat groups to get some info about which place is the best to move and live abroad? Maybe you even already found the city of your dreams and know everything about it. Or you caught yourself thinking about whether it’s better to move to Berlin or Munich? Paris or Lyon? Barcelona or Madrid?

What about your career?

You’re Regularly Checking for Potential Job Opportunities Abroad

There are plenty of international career opportunities all over Europe (and of course the world), but does your profile fit the job needs abroad? If you have ever thought about this question, deep inside there must be something telling you to try it and make the step into direction “new country” – or even “new life”. Have you checked for job offers in other countries recently? Or how to prepare for working abroad? How high are your chances to find a job?

You Don’t Like Going to Work Because Nobody Speaks English

This is the ultimate hint. If you’re missing people speaking different languages in your office, you absolutely NEED an international working environment. We know, many people might not understand this “problem”, but we do. If you’ve worked in a multinational team once, it’s hard to go back to a “normal” one. You know this feeling, don’t you?

Did we just sum up your life? Well… In this case, you know what you must do. With Next Station finding a job abroad is not even hard anymore. Of course, there are many things you should consider before working abroad, and sometimes you will be so stressed that you’ll ask yourself whether working abroad is worth it. But: Would you rather regret to move abroad or to stay at home?