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Next Station funnels new €1.5M to continue helping people find jobs abroad

With the last year drastically changing job mobility and recruitment, companies have started to rethink what services they should use to hire the best talent from abroad. After achieving a growth of 400% in sales over the last 12 months, Next Station, a new international recruiting solution, is announcing a new round of funding to continue its international expansion in Europe.

Launched in 2019, right before the hit of the COVID crisis, Next Station is both a recruiting platform that helps candidates find jobs abroad and a recruiting agency. By taking the role in between, Next Station aims to better connect the international talent market for companies and candidates.

Candidates struggle to identify job opportunities abroad. They waste a ton of time scanning opportunities that fit their career goals. Similarly, HR teams struggle too to get their jobs discovered by international candidates due to the lack of employer branding.

“At Next Station, we leverage the scale of our platform to offer candidates the possibility to get discovered by job opportunities, anywhere in Europe. Every year, more than 100,000 candidates apply via our platform” - says Blanca Montero, co-founder.

“Next Station works with 200 top-tier European companies, including BDO, Back Market, Transcom - continues Nicolas Paulus, co-founder. - With them, we have reinvented the ‘ recruiting agency model’. Our technology allows a collaborative approach, and instead of having a consultant working alone in a search, we have a team of +30 recruiting experts working in parallel, speeding up the process and delivering results faster. This disruptive approach brings the best of technology and humans working together.”

This new round of funding will be used to continue its expansion in 7 markets: France, Spain, Germany, Austria, UK, Portugal, and the Netherlands. For that they will double its multicultural team (from more than 20 nationalities) before the end of 2021.


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