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Next Station closes a €1M Euro round to help international talent find jobs abroad

Next Station is an online recruiting platform for international talent. Currently operational in France, Spain, and Germany, it has candidates from more than 100 nationalities.

This investment round will help Next Station deliver on its vision of connecting talent with career opportunities beyond geographic boundaries. The platform, which is already operational in Spain, France and Germany, reduces the cost and time spent while searching for international talent. In less than 48 hours after posting an opening, companies can receive a selection of candidates with the necessary skills for their position. Next Station receives more than 2,000 applicants per month of more than 110 nationalities who speak more than 35 languages.

The Paris-based company has international DNA in their founding team. Next Station was Founded by Spanish entrepreneur Blanca Montero, and French entrepreneurs Clement Aixala, Nicolas Paulus and the serial entrepreneur Denis Fayolle, one of the most active investors in Europe.

The idea for Next Station came about in 2018 when Blanca, who had spent the last 4 years in the US, struggled to find a job back in Europe.

“Working abroad is a life-changing experience. However, finding a job in another country is an obstacle course. You face geographic, linguistic, and cultural barriers... You don't know the companies, and your network does not help. You feel lost.”

As Clement tells:

“When we started to study the problem, we noticed a clear market inefficiency that caused this disconnection. Working abroad is a popular career move. As reported by BCG in Decoding Global Talent 2018, 60% of workers are willing to move abroad for work. In fact, according to EUROSTAT data, intra-European labour mobility has doubled in the last decade. Today 12.4M Europeans are working outside of their country of origin.

What we know is that talent is disconnected from job opportunities abroad. The recruitment market still operates mainly at local scale. This is causing the number of vacancies in the EU to double in the last decade, that international recruiting processes last three times longer than local ones, and that only one in five workers succeed in finding a job abroad.

Investors from 4 European countries have participated in the first round of funding. Investor Denis Fayolle states:

*“Hiring international talent has always been a pain for all my companies. Identifying and managing a host of relevant job boards and recruiters places immense pressure on the HR team who need to learn overnight how to operate at a global scale. Next Station removes this pressure by creating a single platform that powers HR teams to be more effective when recruiting talent from abroad”. *

3 Questions to Blanca, co-founder at Next Station

What’s wrong with the recruiting industry? What is the need for Next Station?

Businesses are failing to acquire talent from abroad. They are missing out on what should be a unique acquisition and mobility platform – they are being held back by a lack of technology, real-time connectivity and automation of sourcing and qualification of candidates.

What potential did investors see in Next Station?

Next Station is transforming the $55 billion international recruiting industry, which is currently fragmented, run on manual processes and with technologies designed to be effective in local recruiting, and for that reason is slow and time consuming.

What will Next Station do with the funding it raises?

Continue to disrupt the international recruiting industry and achieve full scale in Europe.

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