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Expat Interview – Alicia: Do Everything You Can

How long was your longest application process? 3 months? Alicia waited one year for her dream job! Read her story.

Hey Alicia, thanks again for taking this interview :). Could you introduce yourself in a few sentences?

I’m Alicia, I just turned 21 and I study Human Resources in Lyon, France. Now I’m in Barcelona for an internship, and I’m really enjoying living there.

Usually I start with a couple of questions about moving abroad but your story with Next Station is so particular that I’d like to get right into it. First, how did you hear about us?

I was looking for an internship abroad, in particular, Barcelona because I was there once and I really liked it. So I told myself that this was where I wanted to go, that I could do it. I had this difficulty due to the theme of my internship required: the payroll field. This meant it had to include a french part. I searched a lot, and I found the website Next Station, I just dropped my CV and completed a form saying what I was looking for, etc., like I did on a lot of websites before. And therefore, they contacted me a few weeks later.

I did it “by chance”, I remember that I really liked the platform and I told myself: “Ok, why not! We never know, let’s put all the chances by my side."

Longest Application Process Ever

expat experience barcelona

Now the crazy part: you’ve been in the process for a job with us for nearly a whole year! What happened?

Yes, I started my research early because I knew it wouldn’t be easy ahah, and Next Station contacted me by November or December I think, I first got a call in Spanish asking me a few questions on my research and telling me there was a company matching my criteria. I couldn't believe it.

We then exchanged by mail with Next station and then I got in touch with the company. I should have started by May, but then, it has been canceled due to the pandemic... But fortunately, almost a year later, I’m finally starting here.

During this time, how was the communication between you and Next Station?

First, I’d like to say that I really appreciated the communication with Next Station, all the people I’ve been in touch with were really nice, responding fast and to all the questions I could have. It was efficient.

When I lost my internship, we were in touch too, all along the process, and then, a few months later, they asked me how things were with the company and if I could still do it.

While waiting for this position, did you look for other jobs? If yes, why did you take this one in the end?

Yes, of course, I looked for a lot, but in my case, only this one was perfectly matching with my research so it was obvious that it was this one.

What was your motivation to move abroad even during the COVID crisis?

The motivation didn’t really drop, I was really happy to still have this luck to be able to work in another country. Even with the crisis.

Nice to hear :). Is it the first time you moved to another country?

It’s my first time working in a foreign country but I already went to Ireland for 3 months for my first year of study, in 2018.

Job Seeker Advice

working in barcelona

I’m asking this question to everyone, so I can’t skip it here. Can you think of 3 words that describe Next Station?

Easy – Open – Multicultural

Do you have some advice for job seekers? For example, where to look for jobs in general?

Don’t think that the level is too high, that it’s too hard, or impossible to find the job of your dream abroad. If you want it, do everything you can, search a lot, everywhere, and don’t drop it.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

Just to never give up :). Be open-minded and enjoy your expat life.

Alicia is the perfect example for what people can achieve by being persistant and not giving up. If you also think about moving abroad, take a look at our tips, read our career advice to create the perfect resume, or simply and join Next Station to receive job offers in your inbox.

And if you would like to share your expat story, don't hesitate to contact Aleks and share your experience :).

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