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Which City Should You Live in?

Wouldn’t it be cool and so much easier if there was a ‘destination matchmaker?’ Someone who could tell you where in the world is your perfect match? The city meant to be? 

Well, we happen to know a lot about what it’s like to live abroad, with knowledge on cities across the globe. Which is why we’re here to help you find that perfect destination by showcasing the best and most unique qualities about various cities across Europe.

Read these descriptions and, based on the criteria, see which one sounds like the best ‘match’ for you!



If you like...

  • Communities for everyone
  • Fun nightlife
  • Endless cheap and delicious food options, from all countries
  • Overall affordability
  • Being around an art scene and street art
  • Lots of festivals, parties and events Christmas markets!

Explore a place where there is a place and community for all, alternative lifestyles are respected and unique personalities are embraced. A vibrant city covered in colourful street art to match its artistic and diverse atmosphere. Boredom is simply a choice in this abundant playground of parties, events, and festivals (don’t miss the Christmas markets!)

Insider’s tip: Be sure to visit a Späti, a type of shop unique to Berlin which can be found around every block. Spätis are little grocery shops which are open late into the night, if not the entire night. Crowds of people like to gather in front of spätis to have drinks, socialize, and play music!

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If you like…

  • Walking aimlessly around to explore
  • Sprawling alleyways lined by stalls and stalls of street food of all different cultures
  • Being immersed in a multicultural environment, hearing different languages everywhere you go
  • Fall/winter fashion
  • Brunch menus with bottomless mimosas
  • Second hand book shopping
  • Pub nights with friends

Then London may be the city for you!

Picturesque cobblestone streets, tiny old bookshops filled with antique wonders, lively pubs at night, and medieval food markets are only a few of the fun activities you could experience in an average day living in London.

Insider’s tip: Visit Covent Garden and get the quintessential London experience- discover tiny hidden bars, enjoy free hot chocolate samples at tea shops, listen to live classical music and street opera performers, or huddle up in one of the many adorable coffee shops.

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If you like:

  • Croissants, pain au chocolat, baguettes, cheese… food galore!
  • Historic and beautiful strolls
  • Dressing your best
  • Flea markets, food markets, antique markets… all the markets!
  • Meeting people from all walks of life
  • Unique boutiques at every corner

Imagine romantic strolls by the Seine, a piece of history everywhere you look, warm freshly baked pain au chocolat in the morning, spontaneous shopping and fashionable outfits, a glass of wine and cheese platter on a terrace with friends after work.

Believe it or not- living in Paris really is that dreamy. Can you imagine yourself there?

Insider’s tip: Visit Puces de Montreuil, a charming flea market full of second-hand clothes with amazing finds! If you’re lucky, you might even stumble upon some designer pieces for very cheap. No matter what kind of fashion you prefer, there’s probably something for you. You’ll find yourself getting lost in the fun of just strolling around exploring.

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If you like...

  • Bike culture
  • Beautiful canals
  • Great work-life balance and paid vacations
  • Picturesque, renaissance architecture
  • Weekly art exhibitions, concerts, and festivals
  • Easy travel to neighboring countries
  • A cultural melting pot

Experience the best of both worlds through an active yet relaxed lifestyle- a city to walk and bike everywhere, yet also to embrace the calm of endless cozy cafes. A canal that is beautiful during the day, and even more breathtaking during a sunset. A city that is full of diversity, with people from all different backgrounds, and a transportation system that makes it easy to visit other countries for those with the travel bug (Germany and France are only three hours away by train!)

Insider’s tip: When winter comes along, the canals take on a new magical beauty as they freeze over and adopt a sparkling, icy surface. Best part is- you get to ice skate on the canals! Spend the Christmas season ice skating and finish off the day with some poffertjes (mini pancakes sprinkled with powdered sugar).

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If you like...

  • The beach - take a scenic walk or relax and enjoy a mojito!
  • Amazing, mediterranean climate, all year round
  • Beautiful architecture
  • An affordable city
  • Unanimous love for delicious food and trendy bars
  • Enjoy terraces with breathtaking views

Enjoy a more relaxed way of life- daily siestas, frequent holidays, pleasant weather, beautiful sightseeing, and lots of socializing. Cafes and restaurants full of life during the day, and fun, sleepless summer nights. A city where gastronomy is abundant and cafe culture is a part of your daily life with friends.

Sounds pretty flawless- what do you think?

Insider’s tip: Enjoy a glass of wine with some delicious tapas at a place called Mirablau, where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the city with friends.

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These really are some of the best cities to live in the world!

What do you think? Do any of these city descriptions resonate with you? Which city do you see yourself living in?

Either way, you can’t go wrong with any of these places. Each one is an amazing place to live, and each equally offers their own unique charm.

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