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A Day Living in Berlin

What you could expect living in this fantastic city. 

Berlin is a fascinating city. It’s a place full of history, landmarks, and a never-ending list of things to do. There’s no wonder why it is such a popular place to visit! But have you ever considered living in Germany, and more specifically living in Berlin?

Today, Berlin is full of forward-thinkers and a progressive population that attracts diverse people from all around the world. There are many expats living in Berlin, and as such an international city, you’ll hear multiple languages spoken, more than just German, as you walk the streets. It’s a city that has a place for everybody. Whether you’re looking for an alternative, punk, nature enthusiast, religious, non religious, political, vegan, artistic, or really any scene at all- Berlin is where anyone can find their niche.

Full of street art and live performances, you’ll quickly realize during your time living in Berlin that this is a very expressive, artistic, colourful and lively city. It is also a place that history enthusiasts will enjoy, with its wide selection of museums and historical sites to visit. There’s an unpredictable and exciting buzz to Berlin due to its endless possibilities and flourishing diversity, yet at the same time it’s a very relaxed place to live due to its sense of freedom and appreciation for work-life balance.

It’s also a beautiful city, with a unique combination of historic architecture, modern street art and graffiti, rolling green parks, colorful autumn seasons and stunning snowy winters.

If an open-minded crowd, art, trendy cafes, complex history, nature, and a thrilling nightlife. Does this sounds like your kind of thing?, Then keep reading.

Here’s what a day living in Berlin could look like for you:



In Berlin, and in German culture in general, breakfast is important. People in Berlin love to begin their day with a good one. During the week, breakfast might be cut a bit shorter due to everyone having to get to work, but on the weekends, a super popular way to spend your morning is enjoying brunch dates with friends.

If you’re living in the center of the city, you shouldn’t have such a long trip to get to your office. However, Berlin is quite a big city, so depending on where you live, commuting may take longer. Walking is usually not the most popular method, unless you live within reasonable distance of your work, simply because of how long it might take walking across the city. Berlin is a car friendly city, so it’s not unusual for people to drive, but public transportation is the most common way to get around. The good thing about Berlin is its variety when it comes to transport options. Depending on your preferences, you could opt for the bus, train, or biking!



During the afternoon, you have plenty of options for how you might spend your day in Berlin! On a work day, you’ll likely be spending most of your free time during your lunch break. During this time, coworkers usually like to take their break outside together. And if you live in Berlin, you’re in luck: this city is known for its huge, diverse, and very cheap selection of food. Whether you’re craving the oh-so-popular doner kebab, or any other kind of cuisine, you can find it in Berlin. You can easily spend about 5 euro on lunch, max 10 euro, as long as you’re hitting the affordable places (which is most of them!)

Over the weekend, your options for what to do in Berlin are much greater. People in Berlin like to take advantage of the weekend to socialize, maybe gather at a Biergarten, for example. Expect to spend your weekends going for a “coffee and cake” date with friends, or enjoying the many beautiful, green parks Berlin has to offer. The parks in Berlin, such as Tiergarten, Volkspark Friedrichshain, Viktoriapark, just to name a few, are wonderful places to have a picnic on a sunny day. These parks all have their own fun sights and charm to them. For example, Volkspark Friedrichshain has a swan pond, an area for barbecue, an open-air cinema and even a climbing wall! So, get a group together, pick your park, lay down a blanket and bring some snacks with a nice cold beer to match it. And there you go- you have your perfect Berlin afternoon.

It’s not uncommon for those living in Berlin to venture out of the city during the weekends, as well. One of the great things about Berlin is its close proximity to lots of forests, for example, where people enjoy going on hikes. After a busy week in the city, it’s nice to have the option of taking a break and escaping to enjoy the calm of nature.



You may or may not have heard rumours of Berlin’s nightlife and how animated it is.

Well, it’s true!

If having a lively evening is your thing, Berlin might be the place for you. Berlin is known for its immense and diverse options when it comes to things to do at night. There are bars of all different styles, whether you enjoy something cheap, edgy, or fancy. The best part about going out in Berlin is that there is absolutely no dress code to worry about. The attitude in Berlin is kind of along the lines of “anything goes.” This mentality really applies to all factors of the city due to its inclusivity and progressive atmosphere. Judgment is low in Berlin and being unique is welcomed. So, go out in your sweats, wear those platform heels, or leave the house dressed up as your favourite superhero- most likely, nobody will look twice!

Are you looking for a party with some techno, a silent disco, or maybe something 90s themed? You’ve got it. There’s a party for everything and everyone!

Of course, even if you aren’t someone who likes to go out, Berlin is a fantastic place to live. The great thing about the city is that it really is what you make it. If a chill evening is more your thing, there’s a crowd for that too.

And there you have an idea of what you could expect an average day living in Berlin to look like. Has this got you excited by the idea of living in this wonderful city? If so, feel free to check out our current vacancies in Germany. And if you have any questions related to moving or working in Paris, our team is always here to help.

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