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Working Abroad Looks Great on Your CV

And there are stats to prove it. 

Did you know that, according to the Erasmus Student Network, having international experience on your CV is one of the best ways to stand out as a candidate and get hired? Their recent studies show that 97% of individuals who have international experience were able to find employment within 12 months, compared to only 49% who did not work abroad.

The QS World University Rankings’ Global Employer Survey Report found, after surveying over 10,000 employers across 116 countries, that 6 out of 10 employers say that they would choose a candidate with global experience. 80% reported that they prioritize graduates who have studied abroad.

Working internationally will do you major favours when it comes to getting hired and being an exceptional candidate.

Here’s why:

Language Skills


Being able to speak more than one language is an incredibly valuable and sought-after skill. Whether you are at a level of fluency, or even just conversational, these skills are going to make a difference and you will stand out as a candidate.

Those who have lived abroad often have had experience immersing themselves in different languages. When employers see that not only are you multilingual, but you have hands-on experience with these languages, they are likely to be very impressed! Living in a country with a whole new language is no small feat- so this also shows a great amount of bravery and adaptability.

Valuable Personality Traits


It takes a certain kind of person, with an impressive skill set, to have the motivation to move to a whole new country and work abroad.

Think about it- what you’re doing is very cool!

Do you think most people you know in your life would have the courage to pick up their lives and throw themselves into an entirely new culture? Probably not!

This requires an independent, ambitious person who feels confident in their ability to carry themselves and face new challenges. It proves you’re a problem solver and an excellent communicator- as navigating a new country involves a lot of new and sometimes confusing dialogue with locals in order to find your bearings.

Adaptability is a trait that any new employee will need when entering a new workplace. Your experience abroad clearly shows that you have gone above and beyond when it comes to adapting to new situations.

You have a global network


The fact that you have worked abroad means that you have created an international network for yourself. Not only does building a global network provide you access to many more job opportunities, but it also looks fantastic on your CV! Employers will like to see that you have worked hard to expand your network, and they will also view it as a potential plus for them- after all, you might be able to contribute to their company by making use of some of those international contacts!



People who have experience actually living and working abroad are invaluable assets for companies that are engaging in frequent global communication. Your background means that you would be a great person to handle or at least help with the company’s international market. Whether it be communicating with clients abroad or creating content tailored to an international audience, your experience abroad makes you a more suitable candidate for tackling these tasks compared to an employee with no international experience.

Think about it…


Imagine you are the employer.

You have to choose between two candidates who have a similar hard skill set- but, what sets them apart is that one of them happens to offer a more varied background due to their extensive experience working in diverse workplaces abroad. The second applicant is clearly going to stand out- because their backstory is interesting, and employers want to see that same initiative they used to go abroad, in their own office.

Employers are going to choose the job-seeker who has an eagerness for new experiences, who has lived diverse lifestyles, and who is ready to tackle new challenges.

By demonstrating that you can conquer such great challenges and adventures, you show employers that there is nothing you wouldn’t strive to achieve in the office with that same full-hearted enthusiasm.

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