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7 Things to consider before moving abroad

You'll have to take care of hundreds of things before moving abroad. Here are the most important ones!

Have you finally found a job in the city of your dreams? Congratulations! So, now it's time to think about moving there. But how do you move abroad? What do you have to think about before packing your bags? Here are the most important points.

1. Do you want to live alone or in a shared flat?

Before moving abroad, it is convenient to find accommodation, unless you have a very adventurous mind and want to try your luck with couch surfing. If you prefer to play it safe, it’s better to think about your options beforehand. Do you want to meet new people quickly? Maybe a flatmate is the choice for you. If you prefer privacy, look for a cheap apartment to live alone. In case you have no idea what to do, at first consider the option of renting an apartment for only one or two months.

A quick reminder: First, don't forget to terminate your current tenancy agreement on time!

2. What is your budget?

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Money is always an essential point to consider if you dream of moving and living abroad. Depending on your budget, you will have to adapt the way you move. Have you already started saving money? So, you're on the safe side. Otherwise, set the amount you can spend. A move with your full interior equipment will be more expensive than transporting two suitcases in your best friend's car.

3. Are you planning on taking your whole life or starting a new one?

There are people who are really attached to material objects. It can be a little difficult if you decide to move abroad but you're not rolling in money. In this case it’s better to leave your washing machine on the spot ;). Think about what you have to bring when moving to another country and write a checklist. Later, only pack what’s on this list!

Of course, if you don't take your “treasures” with you, you will have to buy new things, and that too is expensive. But be honest, do you really need all these things? However, it's better to take as little as possible. But if – for whatever reason – you have no other option, you can start comparing prices of companies offering moves to other countries such as Sirelo or Movehub.

4. Check the validity of your documents

That's the most important thing! No one ever looks at the expiration date of their passport. Don't you live in Europe? Or do you want to move to America or Canada? In this case, you will need a visa, and processing your documents takes time. Think about it on time! I know that administrative procedures are more than annoying, but once everything is done, you will be more relaxed.

5. Do your research on insurances, banks, etc.

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Yes, I know – it's hard! First and foremost, the question of health insurance. But sooner or later you'll have to take care of that. Find out everything that is important about the health system of your new country. Does your employer make the decision about your insurance for you, as it is the case in France? Do you already know which bank you want to open your account with? Do you need special documents to do this? I can continue like this mentioning the gas installation, the internet contract, etc. Make a list of everything you have and need at home and start looking for information about your destination country.

6. The little things that everyone always forgets

Probably you don't know what we're talking about... Let's start with the money. In your destination country, do they use the same currency as in your home country? Especially in Europe you never think about it because most countries have the euro. Do you already know your “new language” ? English is not always an option! Did you know that taxes are different in every country? Of course, you know that, but have you thought about it, too?

Crucial! – Meet your friends and family! Once you arrive in your new home, you won't have the possibility!

7. Take a break!

Relax! To think better and not forget anything, you must have a clear mind. Take a day or weekend off and meet your family or friends. Do something you enjoy and stop thinking. Have fun! If you've organized yourself well, you still have plenty of time to finish packing.

what to do before moving abroad

Now you know all the things you need to do before moving abroad. For the beginning this should be enough. It's time to get some coffee and start planning your departure. If you don't know where to start, looking for a job or accommodation are the most important things! Once this is done, the rest will seem more than easy. To make sure that you don’t forget anything, write a To-Do-list at the very beginning. You can’t imagine how helpful it will be!

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