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The ultimate guide to organise your move abroad

“Ahhhhh I want to move abroad, but where do I start?!” Is this you? Well, lucky you. I have some tips for you ;).

Normally, when you decide to move abroad to work, the first question in your head is “How to move abroad and get a job?” I’ve already tried to give you some general advice on what to think about before moving to another country. Now it’s time to go a little more into detail here, as I know that it’s really hard to think about everything and the planning can drive you crazy. You have to find accommodation, make decisions about what to keep when moving abroad, think about what to do with your pets if you have any… The list is endless! So, let’s see how to organise your relocation without forgetting anything!

2 Months until D-Day

“Whaaaat? Two months? I’ll never need that much time to plan my move…”, said Jeff, who later realised one day before moving that his passport was expired. You get what I mean, right? You don’t have to start packing two months before leaving, but you should start thinking about everything you have to do. If you must renew documents, it will take time. Better to get this done early! As soon as you have them all together, create a folder with copies and save everything as a digital version. And to be super sure send it to yourself by mail, just in case. You never know, when you might need it!

Another important factor is that you should do some research in advance. Find out which documents you need in your new country, how much it costs to go there and which budget you need to pay the first rent and the deposit. If you’re planning to do a big relocation with all your belongings, you will have to plan this in detail. To start, compare several moving companies like Movabroad or Sirelo. Even if you only have one or two suitcases you can’t take on the train, there are companies like My Baggage that will take care of the transportation. You didn’t know that? Good, that’s the aim of this article and you should start your research on time!

Small but important advice: it’s never too early to start writing a checklist!

1 Month until D-Day

organise move abroad

Let’s assume you want to move overseas permanently and start a completely new life, so you’ll not take more than two suitcases. This means in return that you have to get rid of the stuff you don’t want to keep. What to do with these things? What about organising a little garage sale to sell the things that are still good, but without use for you? You could use the extra money for the shipping costs or your farewell party. Or just donate some clothes, books, etc. There are enough possibilities, you only need to choose what’s best for you.

As you probably don’t want to have more costs than necessary, don’t forget to discontinue your supply of electricity, gas, internet, etc. It might even be better when you do this two or three months before, just to be sure. Especially if you know that you tend to forget things.

Now, everyone who must know that you’re moving abroad should be informed. Tell the post office and your bank (if you’re keeping your account because of the online banking function), cancel all your newspaper subscriptions and of course inform all your friends.

If you don’t have online banking yet, this is the time!

Speaking of your friends: they want a farewell party. And I’m pretty sure you do, too! You don’t have to go crazy, as a party also means expenses, but remember that you won’t see them all for a while now. You don’t want to regret not having met them one last time, right?

1 Week until D-Day

You can finally start packing! Take all the things you want to keep and pack everything you won’t need during the next week. If you want to ship something, make sure you don’t put anything you’ll need during the first week, just in case the shipping gets delayed. Depending on where you go, they might not have your favourite shampoo, parfum or whatever you would miss the most. Or maybe it just costs three times the price. If so, buy it and take it with you.

Again, make sure you meet everyone you want to see before moving. If you planned a party, the last week is perfect to have it. You can meet all your friends and family gathered at the same place. In case you don’t want a party, make a list of people you want to say goodbye to. You’ll feel really bad if you forget someone in the end or suddenly everything is moving so quickly that you simply don’t have the time anymore.


moving abroad checklist packing

Finally, it’s time to move! Are you excited? Stupid question, I know. Of course, you are. Still, try to focus on the important things one last time. Do you have everything you need? All the essentials in the suitcase that you take with you? Laptop, phone, chargers… Did you give all the necessary information to the person who will take care of things for you when you’ll be gone? Go through your packing and moving abroad checklist(s) and walk through your apartment one last time. Everything’s checked? Cool! So, let’s go!

Keep in mind that relocating with all your belongings will take much more time than packing only two suitcases and a backpack. Think about this when you start planning to move abroad. If you have anything that doesn’t fit but you want to keep, ask a friend or your parents to bring it when they visit you.

Are you still not sure whether this is the right thing to do? Find out whether you’re made to move abroad first. And if you still need a job, Next Station will be happy to help you!

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