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Tips for Your Job Search During The COVID-19 Crisis

Are you upset because you struggle finding a job during the current crisis? Here are some tips on how to make the best out of your job search!

Finding a job in “normal” times is already a time-consuming challenge. The job search in times when hundreds of companies start facing economic problems and freeze the recruitment budget or are forced to fire people scares us like crazy. If you are currently looking for a job, this article might answer some of your questions and show you that there are still ways to find a job despite the coronavirus pandemic.

Are Companies Even Hiring Right Now?

The answer is simple: yes, they are! The only thing is, that they do it differently. Many people tend to think that when the coronavirus crisis started, the whole world stopped working, but that’s not true, at least not for all companies – and I’m not talking about the health sector.

Of course, some companies stopped their recruitment processes, as they had to focus on more important aspects of their business first or they prefer to be careful with the money they spend. But as soon as the situation is under control some will restart the recruitment process.

start-up jobs

On the other side we have companies, like for example young start-ups, that just raised a nice amount of money. These ones don’t fear the challenge their facing. They have the resources to grow and they plan on doing so – especially e-commerce start-ups. Nice start-up job sites you should check out during your job search are Welcome to the Jungle or StartUs.

Many companies that are working with us are still looking for new talents to grow their teams. Make sure you create a profile on our platform, so we can match you with our open job positions.

But how do you know whether a company is still hiring? The easiest way to find out is to check for the posting date. If you see job postings that are only one week old, at this point you can be sure that this company is hiring despite the crisis.

Where to Start Your Job Search?

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Two months ago, the job search process was different than it is now. This doesn’t mean that you won’t find anything, you just have to adapt. Here’s how:

Don’t Stand in Your Own Way

This point seems obvious and you probably know it, but sometimes you just need someone else to tell you: if you don’t look for a job, you won’t find one. Don’t just sit in your room thinking about whether the job search makes sense or not, just try it. Or do you have anything else to do? Maybe your profile is exactly what some companies are looking for right now. If not, you might find out what they want and adjust your professional profile a bit to make it a fit, what leads us to the next point.

Focus on Professional Development

If one can say that there’s something good about the COVID-19 crisis, it’s that there are so many free online courses and webinars available as never before. Don’t get lost in your daily routine but take the opportunity and develop new skills! Maybe your dream job requires only some more knowledge in a special field. Or did you always want to learn how to code? Especially in Marketing some basic coding is always a nice-to-have skill that can make you the perfect fit for a position as Marketing Growth Hacker. And this is only one of multiple examples.

Learn How to Work Remotely

Most of the companies that are still hiring new employees will ask them to work remotely in the beginning. I can say out of experience that not everybody is made to work from home. I definitely wasn’t, but I learned it. Working remotely is a skill that will be extremely helpful to you, especially as we don’t know when we will be going back to the office.

Part of learning how to work remotely can also be to learn how to do great online interviews. Convincing your future employer that you are a good fit, especially for the team, is not as easy through a video call as it is in a face to face interview. Preparing to make an amazing impression through your webcam is an essential first step in every job search process.

How to Search For Jobs?


I won’t lie to you, I don’t have a magic formula that will bring you a new job tomorrow, but there are few tips I can share to push you into the right direction.

First, take 5 minutes at the beginning of your job search and . If we have fitting jobs for you, we will directly match you and recruiters will get in touch with you. This will save you time in the first place. The next steps are all about an open mind, job hunting, and networking.

Be Open to New Destinations

If you were thinking about moving and working abroad, this is probably not the perfect timing. Still, the crisis shouldn’t stop you from looking for jobs abroad. Now that a big part of the population is working remotely, this could be your chance to find a job abroad without having to move to another country immediately. It will save you time and stress, as organizing a move and looking for an apartment can be a hard challenge. You can take care of these parts once you have the job.

If you don’t have an important reason to move to a specific country or city, try to be open to as many destinations as possible.

If you didn’t think about it yet, maybe this is the time to take it into consideration to work abroad ;)

Work on Your Job Search Daily

This is the job hunting part. Knowing that there might not be as many jobs out there as usually, you must be even more persistent in your search. Source new positions every day, send new applications and definitely follow up on running interview processes – even if you started them before the COVID-19 crisis. Just think about being thoughtful and show the recruiters that you understand if they want to freeze the process, as the situation is difficult for all of us.

Be careful to not randomly apply to every job you find. It will cost you time and, in the end, nobody will call you if you’re not even close to be a fit.

Don’t Forget to Network

It’s the perfect time to do some networking online. At least you know that everybody’s there. Take time to check what’s happening on LinkedIn, join conversations under posts you find interesting, etc. You never know who might stop your job search and offer you a great opportunity.

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I hope this is helping you a bit. Don’t worry about companies not hiring or being annoyed if you follow up. Try your best and develop some of your skills online. And as soon as you have the first interview, make sure you’re perfectly prepared! Your next job is closer than you might think.

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