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The Demand for German-speaking Employees

Fun fact: There’s a huge need for German speakers in the global job market.

This comes as no surprise, considering that not only is German the fourth most spoken language in the world, but Germany also has the most influential economy in the EU, making it one of the most sought-after languages for international business. Speaking German can actually increase your wage by about 4%! And in the U.S, German speaking jobs will get you the highest median salary.

For those German job-seekers who are unsure about moving abroad, here is some information on the demand for German speakers to help answer some of your questions.

Top 3 job sectors for German-speakers



The significance of Germany's influential economy means that international companies are very eager to access the German market. Of course, this is difficult to do when you don’t speak the language. Not only that, in order for your efforts to be really effective, it helps to have a knowledge of not only the language but the culture, too.

German-speakers can help with roles such as content marketing, PR, email marketing, and copywriting.

Interesting Fact: If you are not a native German speaker but chose to learn this language to advance your career, your chances to get a job because of your language skills will be even higher after living in Germany for a couple of years.


Because of Germany’s great work-life balance and strong economy, many Germans do not see a reason to move anywhere else. German-speaking recruiters can help communicate with German job-seekers who are having doubts about working abroad. Job-seekers will appreciate the guidance of speaking with a representative who speaks their language- and this will help in terms of properly answering any concerns or questions they might have. A German-speaking recruiter will also be able to understand any blocks or confusions German-speaking applicants have, which could help clear doubts and in turn raise some more inspiration.


There aren’t many questions when it comes to why German-speaking applicants would be valuable for sales positions. International companies who are looking to grow their global market, particularly the German market, will greatly benefit from having German-speakers in their team.

Top 3 Countries to work for German speakers



Believe it or not, French employers are beginning to consider more and more applicants who don’t speak French. And, in particular, they are looking for German speakers!

After English, German is the most sought-after language for French employers. There are many vacancies in France right now looking for German-speakers, definitely make use of this opportunity.

Besides, who doesn’t want to spend their morning in France at picturesque cafés, sipping a café au lait, and their evenings enjoying cheese boards and wine with coworkers and friends?



Lisbon, in particular, has seen a growth in its expat community during the last few years. Now, the city has become a major hotspot for both travellers and those looking to move abroad. Lisbon has people of all different nationalities, and especially those who speak German and English.

With its gorgeous views, amazing architecture, lively festivals and its renowned wine- it’s a place that’s hard to leave once you settle there!

You may notice while job hunting that salaries in Portugal are a bit lower than other European countries. This is because the cost of living in Portugal is much lower! You can expect Portugal to be overall a very affordable place to live.



Spain is a great place to live for those seeking a multicultural environment. The German community has been continuing to grow every year, especially in Barcelona. There is a big demand for German speaking applicants, so chances are there’s a great opportunity waiting for you in this fantastic country!

If you want to enjoy the pleasures of the beach, great weather, and delicious food- then why not check out some job opportunities in Spain?

This is all great news for our German applicants! With such a high demand for German speakers, now is the time to take advantage of this and start making your vision of living abroad a reality.

Next Station has a range of opportunities open for German-speakers, and our team is always here to help guide you or answer any questions.

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