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Benefits of an Internship Abroad

And why it will look great on your CV

If you’re given an opportunity to experience an internship abroad take it! Trust us, you won’t regret it.

There is so much to get out of an internship abroad. The places you will see, the people you will meet, and the international work experience you will acquire will help shape who you want to be as a person and as a professional. If you’re at a point where you have started to consider what, exactly, you want to get out of life- working abroad can help you figure out just that. It’s a time and space to practice your own independence during an exciting adventure of self-discovery and career-building.

There are truly a billion reasons why an internship abroad could be not only one of your most unforgettable life experiences, but also one of the best things you can do to strengthen your CV. Employers love to see a candidate with experience abroad. Here’s why:

It is an opportunity to become more independent and discover new things about yourself


First and foremost, taking an internship abroad is a chance for you to establish your own independence and learn more about who you are and what you want out of life. Living all by yourself in a new environment is an accomplishment you should be proud of! It’s a brave adventure that not everyone would have the motivation to embark on.

Navigating a new country on your own is a huge learning experience. You will have to explore places which feel foreign to you, meet people from all walks of life, eat new foods, and try all kinds of new things. All of these “new” aspects will introduce you to new ideas and experiences you’ve never had before, giving you some life experience that might just end up inspiring you- maybe you will come out of this with an aspiration of moving abroad one day! Who knows.

Going on such a journey all by yourself is something that will look very impressive to potential employers. It shows that you have the ability to work independently and that you are eager to take on new challenges. Your international experience will highlight your most confident traits, making you stand out from the crowd.

You will gain a greater global awareness


International experience is not only something that will benefit you greatly in your career, but it is also something that will make employers pay special attention to your application. Global workforces are continuing to expand every day, meaning that more and more companies are going to be looking for candidates who can work well within their international markets. When an employer sees a candidate, such as yourself, who has had hands-on experience living and working abroad, they will be much more inclined to choose you as opposed to someone else who has not demonstrated any global awareness or international experience.

A chance to broaden your international network


Your time abroad is a chance for many things. It’s a time to explore and try new things, but it’s also a time for networking. An internship abroad gives you a golden opportunity to expand your international network. This will be immensely helpful for any career prospects you have going forwards. The very best thing you can do during your time abroad is to socialize and talk with as many people as you can, both within and outside of the office. This is especially important if you discover that you have an interest in working abroad in the future, as you’ll want to take advantage of your time there to establish future connections. Keep in touch with these connections and you may just find that they end up leading to a job abroad one day! Employers will also like to see candidates who have international connections. It shows that they are able to perform impressive communication skills when interacting with international clients. Employers may also view your network as an asset that could be beneficial to their business in the future.

Your experience will show impressive adaptability and ambition


Not everyone has the courage to pick up their bags and start a new adventure overseas. Especially when this adventure is not a relaxing holiday, but rather is work-related! You have two achievements to be proud of here: the fact that you landed an awesome job, and that you have the courage and ambition to move and work overseas- you are basically starting a completely new life. These feats demonstrate that you are accomplished, driven, and motivated. Any employer will look at your experience abroad and will be impressed. After all, if you are able to succeed in adapting to life and work in a new country, what can’t you adapt to in an office environment?

You will gain new skills


In any new work position, you will come out of the experience having learned some new skills. What makes an internship overseas unique in this sense, is that it has an international layer added to this. Not only will you learn new office skills, but also the cultural intricacies that come with working in a new country. For example, you will learn how to communicate and work with people from different cultural backgrounds. You may also find yourself having to interpret or even speak a new language, especially if you are working in a country where you don’t speak the native language.

It may inspire your career path


One of the most popular reasons people choose to have an internship abroad is so that they can explore future career interests. Experiencing a work atmosphere outside of your home country and comfort zone provides you the kind of life experience that pushes you to really think about what your interests are, what you like, and what you don’t like. If on top you choose an internship in an international startup, the chances that you’ll take great responsibility from the beginning are very high. This opportunity will allow you to learn and evolve even faster.

The people you meet, and the new experiences you will have, will allow you to engage professionally in a way you never have before. When you return to your home country, you’ll likely find yourself reminiscing on the impact of your time abroad and what you learned there- and who knows, you may find yourself itching to go back!

Your experience working abroad doesn’t have to end when your internship is over. There are plenty of job opportunities abroad that you can check out. As soon as you start looking for an internship abroad or if you’re already interested inlooking for a full-time position, know that Next Station is here to provide all the resources and guidance you need to begin your journey abroad.

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